Newlyweds Robert and Denise Avery work together at a plastics manufacturing company. Their day becomes extraordinary when a coworker suddenly dies from an apparent terrorist poisoning.

The young couple soon find themselves in open-ended quarantine at their workplace, and everyone has become a suspect.  While the government scrambles to find a solution, time ticks away and the situation nears the boiling point.

Solution Christ

“Her soul is lost. Her footsteps are guided by a fast paced culture. Her reason has been brainwashed. A cell phone is constantly in her hand. Her Bible remains closed collecting dust…

Diagnosed with a possible life ending illness, she repents, but still struggles with controlling men-influenced by Satan, the earth’s most evil fallen Angel. What is Linetta’s Destiny? The Solution involves Christ.”

Don't Call Me The N-word

‘Don’t Call Me the n-word’ is an eye-opening experience about two children, who wants to be successful. With stereotypical words hurled at them, it’s becoming harder than you would think. 

Daniel and Ebony, however, are able to become what they say by speaking positive, and living in the present. With career-driven rhymes and life-transforming illustrations, this experience is desirable for every child with hopes of success.